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Friday, July 17, 2009

A Good Day Online

I came in 11th in a 1500 person MTT on Full Tilt. And then I won a smallish MTT O8 Hi/Lo game. Neither of these accomplishments ranks as a major achievement, but it does make me realize that I have been leaving something important out of my ponderings: namely, the possibility of earning some of my keep online.

Playing online is not my favorite thing. I wouldn't want to do it all the time. But I have been having steadily increasing amounts of success in MTTs, and cashing at a pretty good pace lately. I've also been doing surprisingly well playing ~ of all things ~ small stakes LHE. There's every reason to believe that a certain amount of online play could contribute to my baseline income in a decent way.

This puts some interesting ideas in my head. I may actually be able to have my cake and eat it too.

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Anonymous BadBucks said...

What's an "MTT"?

7/18/09 1:23 AM  
Blogger Cardgrrl said...

@BadBucks: It stands for Multi-Table Tournament.

7/18/09 1:26 AM  
Blogger Crash said...

Less rake online and no tipping. Can make a big difference.

7/18/09 1:33 AM  
Blogger Crash said...

Also no travel costs or restaurants or taxis when you play online.

7/18/09 2:46 AM  
Blogger bastinptc said...

I don't know, Sis. The online cash game thing seems to be a grind that really sucks at the lower buy-ins. You complain about the 1/2 games live and online micros seem worse to me, the only difference is that you lose less money on the same type of play. The variance can be disheartening, as you well know.

The MTTs may be different and better. I've sweated you in enough of these to know that you consistently do well. I guess the question here would be what size buy-in would make it worth your time.

7/18/09 5:03 AM  
Anonymous joxum said...

Pre WSOP I seem to remember several desperate posts that included harsh comments about your online adventures.

So take it slow, although I disagree that taking 2nd i a 1500 player field is not a big achievement. It may not be the biggest, but it's certainly not a small thing either.


7/18/09 6:49 AM  
Anonymous joxum said...

Aw crap, I totally misread your post...disregard that last thing about coming in 2nd and all...jeez, I need glasses!

7/18/09 6:50 AM  
Anonymous KenP said...

I know players that grind out a nice supplement to their income with 4 tables of 3-6.

You do want to get an account going with rakeback. It will be a major part of your income. (Easy to do on FT)

Don't miss any of the low split game's potential. They are some of the weakest games you can find. You'll be amazed with what people will play and chase with at Stud8.

7/18/09 8:29 AM  
Blogger Cardgrrl said...


I just sat down for an hour of 1/2 Stud Hi online. You were not kidding... the players are incredibly stupibad. Just beautifully, wonderfully, astonishingly awful.

I am no Stud8 genius (far from it!), but I made $50 without once having to make a hard decision.

7/18/09 4:26 PM  
Blogger Tom said...

Grinding online cash games may be tedious but it's very profitable.

Right now I'm only playing $50 NL and $100 NL when I used to play $300 NL and $400 NL but with rakeback included I feel very confident in saying I should make $1000 per month or higher.

PLO is still the game to learn though, and will be for a long time.

7/20/09 8:47 AM  

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