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Monday, July 6, 2009

Is the curse broken?

I made my first foray to the Crime Scene Game since my return. It has moved to a new location, which I thought would be more inconvenient for me, but that actually turns out to be pretty much of a wash in terms of travel time. Except for one or two new faces, it was the regular cast of characters.

Would my time in Las Vegas affect how things went? Or would it be a return to the soul-crushing defeats of the last several months?

I do believe that the experience I accrued in Vegas influenced my decision-making ~ for the better. And, for the most part, I avoided the ass-end of variance on this outing. I played for about eight hours; as is typical for the CSG, it was something of a roller-coaster ride. Although I didn't manage to cash out at my peak profit, I did walk away enough ahead to feel satisfied with the night's effort.

All I can say is: this bodes well.



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