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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I'm not talking about the cleaning and maintenance of my physical apartment, although that is sorely in need of attention too. One chore at a time, people!

No, today is all about getting my computer systems organized, backed-up, and fully functional again. A few days before I left for Las Vegas the wireless keyboard for my desktop unceremoniously gave up the ghost. It simply wouldn't turn on. Mind you, it had been living on borrowed time since the day not too long ago that I (for the first time in decades of computing) spilled a mug of coffee into it. To my surprise, after letting it dry out and a little damp cloth cleaning, it seemed to work pretty well after that trauma. Until one day it didn't.

I finally went and bought a wired keyboard (cheaper, and no need for batteries). The aesthetics are almost as good because I have a keyboard tray on my desk, and the wire goes out and up the back. Plus, I'll never again have the aggravation of the computer not recognizing the keyboard and thus becoming utterly non-functional.

Of course just going into the Apple Store is an exercise in "ooo, shiny!" that makes me realize how just about everything I own is hopelessly outdated. I am striving to remind myself that what I have at the moment serves my purposes adequately and it would be foolish to go hog-wild on new technology just now.

Although the new iPhone looks awfully sweet (I have a first gen edition). And if I'm going to upgrade, I should do it NOW before it becomes stupid not to wait for NEXT YEAR'S upgrade. Right? Right?

Ah, technolust. Almost as fraught with peril as pokerlust.



Blogger Philly said...

Define pokerlust.

7/8/09 8:39 PM  
Blogger Miss Abigail said...

3GS! 3GS! I love it. If you don't get one, you can play with mine sometime :)

7/8/09 9:32 PM  
Anonymous KenP said...

Well, I don't even own an antique cell phone. So grab a grain of salt before reading on...

There are a lot of negative comments going around on their latest iPhone.

Some features maintain a real-time connection. This is a battery drain and some are reporting they don't get a full day out of their phone. That's guestimated to be at least somewhat fixed when OS 3.1 hits. How much that improves things is unknown.

Fast drain also translates to heat and that is another complaint. Those with light colored backs report the heat has actually discolored those white backs.

I'd wait and probably for the next generation. Nobody really has a handle on the exact cause of all this. But, hardware is involved and software can only do so much.

7/9/09 9:45 AM  
Blogger Cardgrrl said...

@ KenP: I follow the world of Apple really closely, and am aware of the issues you mention.

The battery matter is under testing by major publications, and we should soon have some results from that. Early indications were contradictory on the matter, with some reports giving it a much EXTENDED life. My guess is that battery drain is probably down to 3rd party apps misbehaving (I had a game on my iPhone that was a HUGE battery suck, for example). But given the way I tend to use the phone anyway, it's unlikely to be a problem for me.

The heat/discoloration problem you mention has been fairly clearly linked to people using certain kinds of cases, and the color apparently can be removed with the judicious application of a little alcohol and a swipe with a soft cloth. I never use a case. My original iPhone has held up just fine without one.

Gosh, I sound like something of a fangirl. That's probably a fair description. Thanks for your comment though!

7/9/09 3:10 PM  

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