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Monday, April 27, 2009

Mystery Player

The Grump's HORSE tournament is now history. As is my usual style, I went out on the bubble. (I am, in fact, bubblicious). I was intrigued, however, that the final table boasted what appeared to be two other players from my area. One, NewinNov of Alexandria, I recognized. The other, BitterPill1 (whose location was listed as "Washington"), I did not.

I racked my brain trying to come up with a likely suspect, especially after BitterPill1 gave me the "Hey Sis" high-sign that only a reader of this blog would know.

Someone local, who plays limit games... if it's someone I've played with live, that narrows the field pretty substantially; BitterPill1 did not, however, respond to any of the names I threw out there. If it's NOT someone local, that seemingly leaves only one (very unlikely, but very cool) possibility. BitterPill1 finished second, behind an opponent (Sauza 262) who caught cards something fierce at the final table and heads-up. I think we can safely say that BitterPill1 has skillz.

Perhaps BP1 will take pity on my inquiring mind and lift the veil for me, privately (confidentiality guaranteed). You know how to reach me!



Anonymous Bob (Sauza) said...

You played a good game, and yes, I did catch a good run of cards. If BP1 had won the last hand I think we would have been close to even in chips. I wish it would have played out further. I had a blast!


4/28/09 12:38 AM  
Blogger Cardgrrl said...

@Bob (Sauza): Congratulations to you, Bob! You played well (and of course no one ever wins a tournament without catching some cards, so good for you!). I'm glad you had fun; despite my frustrating finish, I did too.

4/28/09 12:46 AM  
Blogger Poker Dreams said...

hey sounds like your in better spirits. I was rereading your entire blog....I know what a life!!

give yourself a little treat and go back and read what you wrote on October 27, 2008 titled "Words of Wisdom"

Hopefully you will feel a little better

Good Luck Tonight


4/28/09 9:41 PM  

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