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Monday, April 13, 2009

Pre-Travel Travails

Well, there's the taxes. Everyone loves doing them, I know. I always leave them to absolutely the last minute, to ensure maximum stress and anxiety. And then there's the mad scramble for the documentation, etc. It's totally pathological, and I'm embarrassed to death by it, but there you go.

I actually like traveling, especially when the destination is one I'm actually anticipating that I will enjoy. What I don't like is the 48 hours or so before I travel. Mentally, I'm already THERE. That makes every little thing I have to do HERE a giant pain in the patootie (e.g., doing the taxes becomes 10x as unpleasant, if you can imagine that). Washing the dishes becomes horrendously miserable. Writing the note for the paper delivery person is an enormous burden. Hell, figuring out what to wear today (i.e., stuff I don't want to pack for the trip) is aggravating. The basic problem ~ that I'm still HERE instead of THERE ~ is completely insurmountable, and yet I manage to let it irritate me. This is utterly irrational, and you'd think that a person who'd spent a significant fraction of her life in various meditation practices would be able to rise above it.


I am still HERE, and I have these annoying tasks to accomplish and decisions (mostly minor) that have to be made, and it making me a cranky Cardgrrl. Expect little to no bloggage until I'm actually THERE; in practical terms that likely means Wednesday.

[Post Scriptum: Please don't forget to greet me with "Hey, Sis!" if you wish to make yourself known to me at the poker table.]

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Anonymous j said...

So next time, just leave 48 hours before you plan. Sleep at the airport and you are already on your way :)

Have a nice trip and don't let yourself get tilted over minor things like dishes or clothes.


4/13/09 6:11 PM  
Blogger Philly said...

I am exactly the same way before a trip. Every little thing I do is a burden...unless it's getting me one step closer to my destination. Even eating seems like a big waste of time. So, no, you're not alone on this. I'm with ya. Have fun and win a shitload!

4/14/09 9:02 AM  
Blogger loosemmjan said...

Good Luck..

4/14/09 9:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

May the 2-4 be with you! But only if it is SOOTED, of course.

4/14/09 12:55 PM  

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