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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 36: How Sweet It Is

This evening in my A League I watched my very own personified kryptonite draw out on me yet again when we were all-in with pair vs. overpair. That guy can catch his two-outer on me like nobody's business. Needless to say, we were on the bubble; I played a flawless game and got nowhere. I believe the popular saying is: LOL DONKAMENTS. (I'm beginning to truly appreciate the sentiment.)

I steamed about it for just as long as it took me to drive to the next game.

Ah, the cash game. My new best friend in the poker world. Balm to my aggravated spirit. Four hours of patient work: I doubled up and cashed out. Drove home feeling serene and content with the night's outcome.

It's nice to run good. It's fun to feed an image and then use it to move people off hands. It's gratifying to play well and not be punished for it. But we are not entitled to these results, no matter how skilled we are. We should just acknowledge them with gratitude and move on. Because the next bad beat is never far off.

One advantage of keeping a blog is that it should help me maintain some perspective during those spells where I do run bad; I can look back and see that there were also periods of time where things went my way (or at least didn't go horrendously against me). And at year's end I ought to have some spiffy data to work with to provide me with an even more nuanced view.

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