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Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 25: They Hold Up

Tonight's cash game brought a measure of redemption. Maybe I don't completely suck at poker after all.

It didn't start off all that well, though. I lost my entire stack on the second hand of the night, when my opponent (the host) flopped a set of deuces and then filled up on the turn. Yeah, I should have folded my two pair.

I rebought and started to grind it back. Players came and went. My big hands held up and I got action on them, for once. I kept my losses modest. I never was at sea in a hand; I had a pretty good idea the whole time what I was up against ~ my reads were dead on. I was patient and cunning. (The game featured some pretty interesting hands, including one unlike any I've seen before. I'll try to write it up in the next day or two.)

Six hours later, I cashed out having more than doubled my investment. It was a nice night's work.

My live bankroll is now once again within .04% of break-even (including expenses). Wouldn't it be nice to get it squarely into the profit zone? Let's see if I can make that happen at tomorrow's A League afternoon tournament.

It is so much more fun to win than it is to lose. (I wish I could get past that attitude, but I've got a long way to evolve, baby.)



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