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Friday, September 5, 2008

Day 19: Wherein I Do Not Totally Suck

After what has been something of a bloody massacre in recent days, I was relieved to have a decent showing at the third installment of my A League's WSOP subscription-series tournament. I finished fourth, which got me my buy-in back and a little bit more. Considering that I was utterly card dead for the last three hours of my participation (after flopping quads in my first hand of the game!), I am content with the result. More important than the money, however, were the points I earned. The top five points earners from the 12 games in the series will each get a share of the subscription fee pool. The idea is that we will use it to go play in the WSOP next summer.

I also played about an hours' worth of short-handed cash, and nearly tripled up. It didn't quite compensate for last Friday's meltdown, but at least I felt less utterly incompetent.

In other news: I finally bit the bullet and bought a new laptop, a MacBook Air which is as light and sweet a little piece of kit as you could want (and the packaging was beyond gorgeous, made me want to go back into design it was so perfect). I am thrilled at the prospect of being untethered from my desktop both for writing and for playing online. From here on out you can find me enjoying the wireless experience at some local coffeeshop, giggling giddily with my newfound computing freedom.

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