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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day 9: Some Days the Bear Eats You

I eaked out a fourth place money finish in my A League tonight. Which doesn't totally suck, but isn't anything to write home about either.

Online, I've been suffering through another protracted patch of bad beats both in tournaments and in cash games. Even multi-tabling can only dilute the pain so much. Much teeth-gritting is required to get through these stretches, which can seem to go on forever. (I can only imagine how many weeks' equivalent this would be of live play. I shudder to think, actually.) I keep reminding myself that, really, I want people to call down with a flush draw while I make pot-sized bets. Because, you know, statistically I'm gonna make out like a bandit from that. Statistically. Some day. Eventually.

Tomorrow is a live cash game bonanza. One is my usual friendly Thursday $.5/$1 game (being held on a Wednesday, this time), and the other I haven't been to yet, but I gather it's a wild, drunken, crazy-assed $1/$2 game, which gets going right about the time the friendly game ends. Which is to say at about 1 or 2 in the morning.

Perfect. I intend to go and profit mightily. There's a lot to be said for being the only sober person in the room.

Live bankroll: 99.1%
Online bankroll: 103.6%



Blogger PAPro_SandMan said...

Yeah, I do the same math... 4-tabling FTP, going through the luck cycles, cringing at the equivalent time frames at a live game. It's a good perspective though... Something to remember when you're struggling through one of those patches.

8/27/08 2:48 PM  

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