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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cardgrrl Adopts a Dog

Every poker player has a "favorite hand"—pocket Aces.

Some players also have a favorite hand that, naturally, is of dubious value, but to which they are attached for superstitious, habitual, or sentimental reasons of one kind of another.

I've never had such a hand, and my feeble attempts to get on the bandwagon of one or another famous player's or blogger's pet hands have never brought me anything by way of satisfaction. So I have decided to arbitrarily choose a favorite hand for myself, and ~ as one is supposed to do with these things ~ play it occcasionally as if it were the nuts.

In keeping with my twisted fondness for puns, I have decided that if I'm going to adopt a pet hand, it ought to be a dog. I'm pretty sure its bark is going to be worse than its bite, and I'm going to have to teach it all its new tricks while it's still young. I will train the dog to fetch me the mobneys and flush out bluffs. If it has to occasionally roll over and play dead, well, that's okay too.

Please welcome my new familiar, the lovable, the loyal, the slightly drooly (but housebroken) faithful companion: the K9 (aka Fido). I expect the two of us to go far together.

Full Tilt screenshot with K9

Full Tilt screenshot with K9

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