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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Easy Come, Easy Go

Except for, y'know, the gnashing of teeth and rending of garments.

Last night's session at the Crime Scene Game was a prime example of why I dubbed it that in the first place. It was a bloodbath. I took about five brutal coolers. I should have left after the first one: I flopped a boat, Jacks full of Queens, and my opponent with Q8 caught the 8 on the river.

Things did not improve after that; I will spare you the gory details. But it seems that the pendulum has swung back to Business As Usual (aka "Crush Cardgrrl's Hopes & Dreams").



Blogger Crash said...

Well, at least you have good teeth.

Studies have been done that show negative thoughts lead to poker losses.

3/3/10 8:26 PM  
Blogger Mike G said...

Oh come on give us the gory details - it's the best part!

3/3/10 9:06 PM  

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