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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Real Motivation

Run, don't walk to read this post by Listening. A sample:
Hey — I like respect, too! We all like to have self-respect. We enjoy the respect of others. But if these things are the primary objective, instead of the natural result of your poker efforts — you've started a step behind and you'll never catch up. There is nothing for anyone to achieve to be worthwhile: you have value because you exist. And your value exists irrespective of anyone else's opinion of you. If you don't know this, you lack self-respect. If you lack this, you cannot respect your opponents. When you show this in play, you simply demonstrate your own weaknesses to your tablemates and make yourself exploitable.
Who knew you could learn this playing Razz! (I kid. Poker is poker.)

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Anonymous Paul said...

Great post. Thanks. The whole game revolves around respect.

11/12/09 12:10 PM  

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