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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day 38: Can't Win 'em All

You hit the flop.
You make a pot-sized bet with your top pair, because you know middle pair (if there is one) will call.
You get called.
The turn puts a straight draw out there.
You make a two-thirds pot bet to discourage the draw.
The river puts four to a straight on the board.
You check and your opponent goes all in.
You fold and he shows that he made his straight.
He had, in fact, been drawing to a four-outer gutshot from the very beginning.
He was saved by runner-runner straight cards.

You leave the session down a little more than half a buy-in.
Coincidentally, just a little less than the amount of money you put into that one pot.

This is how thin the margin between profit and loss can be in a no-limit session. This is why a longer session is better than a shorter one, when you know you're a better player than most of the people at the table. This is why ~ from a poker perspective ~ it's wise to consider your cash game to be one long session punctuated by the rest of your life, rather than the other way around.

I look forward to playing in this game again soon.



OpenID jsweetman said...

Good attitude. It drives me crazy when someone on the wrong end of this online starts going off on the donk who did it -- "how can you call there?" "you're an effing idiot" -- Yes, of course they're idiots. And maybe if you don't yell at them they'll keep being idiots and hand me their chips the 11 times out of 12 they don't hit.

9/26/08 8:48 AM  
Blogger matt tag said...

are you using Tracking software to track your sessions? Such software helps greatly in grouping sessions any way you like. For example, PokerTracker3 automatically groups my online tourneys by month - which gives me long term goals (positive ROI every month), and helps me defocus from one bad session due to a donkey calling and getting there.

9/26/08 10:41 AM  

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