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Thursday, June 25, 2009

I, Degenerate

Well, it had to happen eventually. I suppose.

After playing in a galloping-blinds turbo HORSE tournament at Green Valley and faring poorly, I naturally decided the sensible thing to do was to go to Harrah's and play the 4/8 HORSE cash game.

Of course. What else?

Never mind that Vegas's HORSE lovers converge on this modest stakes game. Never mind that they all know each other's styles backwards and forwards. Never mind that I was epically failing to heed the number one adage of table selection: PLAY WITH PEOPLE WHO YOU HAVE REASON TO BELIEVE ARE LESS SKILLFUL THAN YOU ARE.

Me, I consider losing at such a game as the price of a higher poker education. (Yeah, that's the ticket. Also, it's fun.)

Long story short, I commenced playing with this bunch at about 11pm, and finally bailed out at about 8:30 am this morning. Total profit for 9.5 hours of play: ONE DOLLAR.

But you know what? I count that as a win, and a pretty huge win, at that.

I battled back from a $240 deficit, and I did it after the table had become significantly short-handed. We played much of the night five-handed or less. That I managed to break even against this competition, playing games that are not my main strength... well, let's just say I'm entirely satisfied with the results.

Of course, getting some sleep and having anything left over for tomorrow ~ well, that's a whole 'nother question. Pulling an all-nighter was not part of the game plan. I have the discipline of a wet noodle. But I am a wet noodle who continues to learn how to be a better poker-player.

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Blogger bastinptc said...

I would have been disappointed in you if you had not pulled at least one all-nighter.

6/25/09 1:21 PM  
Anonymous joxum said...

You held your own against superiour forces. That's not a bad thing.


6/25/09 4:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Profit of $1 NOT including a significant chunk or rake over 9 hours?


6/25/09 6:32 PM  
Blogger Cardgrrl said...

@FG Profit=Money I took away from the game.

So yes, the $1 is what I had extra after paying rake & tipping for 9.5 hours (which I estimate probably ran to over $100).

6/25/09 6:38 PM  
Blogger LasVegasMichael said...

It was quite a pleasure to play alongside you for a good amount of your HORSE session at Harrah's, up until the bitter end. Your comeback was quite impressive. Also, nice to see you say hello on AVP. If we don't cross paths again before you head back home, godspeed and good luck!

6/26/09 11:20 PM  

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