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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On the Road Again

I'm heading to Atlantic City again this Saturday for couple of days. This is a bus junket, so happily I won't have to negotiate traffic or drive while tired. All the more opportunity to concentrate on playing teh pokerz.

I've also booked my trip to Las Vegas in April; I arrive one day before the Tax Man and leave a week later. Key goals for the trip include stunning the tournament world with my brilliance in the Deepstack Extravaganza at the Venetian and lining up a place to stay for the month of June. (Gosh, I wonder which one will be easier to accomplish.)

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Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

GL in AC.

3/18/09 3:36 PM  
Anonymous joxum said...

...and don't forget to update teh blogz.


3/18/09 3:56 PM  
Blogger dbcooper said...

Good luck in AC.

3/18/09 4:01 PM  
Blogger Rakewell said...

I am shocked, nay, dismayed that you do not list as a "key goal" for the Vegas trip the celebration of a fellow poker blogger passing another annual milestone toward senility. Sweeping the poker tournament world more important than my birthday? Perish the thought!

3/18/09 7:55 PM  
Blogger Cardgrrl said...

@Rakewell: Pffft. Get back to me on that whole senility thing when you're really old. Like my age, for example.

3/19/09 1:56 AM  
Anonymous phrankguy1 said...

Sooo... I know your going to be busy grinding the 2/5 at Harrah's. However, a group of 2+2'ers are working to get a 5/10 limit SHOE game on at Borgata on Saturday even around 6pm. I will be there at some point in the evening. I wanted to give you a heads up on the game, it does appear that it will actually work out so we'll get a table going.

3/19/09 12:53 PM  
Blogger Cardgrrl said...

@phrankguy1: I doubt I'll get to the Borgata on this trip, and I CERTAINLY have no intention of sitting down at a 5/10 SHOE game with a bunch of 2+2 sharks! But if you make your way over to Harrah's, by all means look for me in the poker room. My hair is currently quite short, dark brown with highlights, and I am likely to be wearing tiger-striped glasses. Come say hello.

3/20/09 10:26 PM  

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