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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Hey, Sis!"

Well, that was quick: we have our reader-recognition passphrase WINNAR. And it is no coincidence that my dear brother-from-another-mother Bastin came up with the obvious solution.

A little backstory is in order. When I first started learning to play poker, I bought Poker Academy software to practice my game. I hacked around a bit with the 'bots, but then quickly discovered the online component of the package, and started playing for the earned play currency (PAX). It didn't take me long to discover who the real competition was.

Bastin has sat atop the leaderboards at PAO for a very long time. I would chat with him while playing or railing and came to discover that, despite wildly divergent backgrounds, we had many intellectual and artistic interests in common. Despite a couple of years' difference in age, we decided we had been separated at birth; I started calling him "bro" and he started calling me "sis." People who didn't know any better often assumed we were actually related.

About a year after acquiring the software, I went to Las Vegas to meet up with a bunch of fellow Poker Academy Online enthusiasts. I finally met my bro Bastin face-to-face and found him as cool or more so in person than online. (This is actually a dismayingly rare thing, in my experience.) I am so pleased to be his honorary sister.

I like his suggestion for those sentimental reasons, and because it echos but inverts the 2+2 "Sup bro" convention. So if you think that you're sitting at a table with me, and want to make yourself known, throw out a "Hey, Sis!" If it's me, you'll get a "Hey, Sis!" or "Hiya, Bro!" back. Everyone then gets to exchange knowing looks without necessarily directly discussing poker blogging.

Ooo secret codewords! I love them! It's like being eleven again!



Blogger Crash said...

I don't go back as far with bastin as you do, and only rarely had the guts to face him at a PAO table. When I did, I had to lube up first with a bit of bourbon! I follow his blog and we trade an occasional email. His image online concerning lifestyle, values, interests, and how he treats people are both interesting and admirable. I am so happy that you say he is that way in real life. I would go further with this, but he will probably be reading it, so, end of comment.

Crash, PAO

3/24/09 6:24 PM  
Blogger Mike Wilson said...

I have this image of you arriving at a game and everybody at the table saying "Hey sis!" then bursting out laughing while the dealer tries to figure out whiskey tango foxtrot is going on.

3/24/09 10:48 PM  
Blogger bastinptc said...

No prize necessary, Sis. Your friendship is plenty.

3/25/09 3:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was wondering how much Poker Academy contributed to really understanding the game, rather than can be gained from playing low-limit online poker? I guess from the well regarded players such as Bastin who frequent the online play at Poker Academy, it is was a rewarding learning experience.

Also do you still play Poker Academy?

3/26/09 3:52 PM  

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