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Thursday, February 26, 2009


That would be me.

Couldn't hit a flop. Couldn't make a draw. Couldn't bluff without running into a monster made hand.

And I did something I rarely do: I went on super monkey tilt. I rebought twice and lost it all. The last half hour was textbook HORRIBLE play. Just godawful.

I should have gotten up and left after the second rebuy was gone. My failure to do so is indicative of a huge lapse in discipline.

I am embarrassed on my own behalf. Seriously, no one who responds this way to adversity should even be thinking about trying to earn a living from this game.

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Blogger El Forrest Gumpo said...

We've all done it CG. I've also been known to go literally full monkey tilt and then need to sheepishly buy myself new computer peripherals...

All we can do is try to recognize the early symptoms when we're heading down that road and try to get off at one of the exits. Easy to say, REALLY hard to do.

2/27/09 3:40 AM  
Blogger joxum said...

Your're just setting yourself up for later.

I seem to remember, you've already read Tommy Angelo, but I can also recommend Schoonmaker "Your worst poker enemy" and Poker Shrink from Pokernews.com - hey wow! Turns out he also has a blog: http://pokershrink.blogspot.com/


2/27/09 4:50 AM  

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