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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lord of The Fields

The Poker Grump
Behold: His Royal Grumpiness, Sir Rakewell, K.G.F.

The Grump was mystified by how many people approach him at the tables and greet him with kind words about his blog. It struck him as odd that such a high percentage of his readership seemed to make their way to Vegas and then somehow run across him.

Google Analytics (which many bloggers use to keep track of traffic to their sites) does not log RSS feed hits. I pointed this out, and suggested that his estimation of reader numbers was probably off by at least an order of magnitude. It made me happy to see him re-calibrate his idea of the extent of his reach in the poker blogging world. I'm glad he now has a better sense of just how popular his writing is.

No one could be more deserving of a wide audience. I am honored to call him my friend.

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Blogger matt tag said...

you can get Google Analytics to log your blogger feed, but doing so is a pretty technical process. (you need to add javascript code to your blog template). I can probably assist with this if you want, drop me a note on my blog

matt tag (holdem notebook)

2/17/09 9:17 AM  
Anonymous Mark said...

Hi Cardgrrl

I found your blog through Rakewell's PokerGrump blog and have taken the liberty to add a piece of your great writing posted on his blog to my poker database along with a link and recommendation to read your blog. If you prefer that I remove the article again please let me know and I will do so straight away:-)
Here's a link to it:


Best Regards


2/18/09 1:43 AM  
Blogger Cardgrrl said...

Mark, I'm glad that you enjoyed my writing, and I'm delighted that you want to recommend my website, but I am not comfortable with having large amounts of my content repurposed on other people's websites.

What you have posted is, in fact, an incomplete section of a blog post I wrote several months ago, not an "article." I would be pleased for you to quote one or two paragraphs, and provide a direct link to my post (http://raiseorfold.cardgrrl.com/2008/10/on-being-bad.html) so that people can read the entire thing on my site, if you'd like to do it that way.

Also, you describe the excerpt as "originally by Cardgrrl." It isn't just "originally" by me, it's STILL by me, and always will be by me! It's my hope to someday earn some money from this work, and I need to protect my intellectual property and copyright interests in it.

I hope you understand my concerns in this matter. I do very much appreciate your kind comments on my work.

2/18/09 4:13 AM  
Anonymous Mark said...

Hi Cardgrrl

Thanks for your reply. I have deleted the blog post. The motivation for my blog is to collect a large database of useful poker articles, and the section I published from your blog IMO made an excellent article in itself which I am sure my readers would enjoy. In addition you potentially could receive more traffic to your blog through my readers.

Is there any way you would be comfortable with the "article" being posted on my blog. I can change the wording in the introduction to anything you like. I have another author, Mitchell Cogert, posting on my site which you might have heard about. Here's a link to one of his articles:


Perhaps we can do something similar with your writing.

I would really like to be able to post some of your thoughts on poker and I think it should be possible to figure out an agreement that's mutually beneficial. Basically you would have your work exposed to a broader audience and I would gain excellent articles for my database.

Perhaps you could drop me a line on pokerbankrollblog@gmail.com if you would like to discuss matters further.

Thanks for your time, and I apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused you.

Best Regards


2/18/09 6:14 AM  

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