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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pathetic Dribbles

Well, let's see...

I am expelling prodigious amounts of funny-colored phlegm from my sinus cavities. Delightful! On the plus side, I don't really feel sick. It's just as if someone turned on the snot spigot.

I finally managed to win something online, but just barely. I cashed in a Razz tournament (I was the overwhelming chip leader until the final table, at which point I bricked in EVERY. SINGLE. HAND. I played. Hero to zero in about an orbit. It was grotesque.) I also managed to cash in a no limit hold'em game ~ finally ~ but for a mere 3x my buy-in. Pretty dismal. God help me if I ever run this bad in brick & mortar games; it is unbelievably demoralizing.

The holidays have somewhat derailed the live game schedule in this area, so it's been quiet for the last few days. Tonight features an A League tournament, and ~ I hope ~ a visit to the Crime Scene game (which has been on hiatus). I am oh so ready to get my gambool on!

I'm trying to figure out when I can get to AC, given that I have jury duty for two weeks (I have to call in the night before every weekday) starting on the 16th. Also, since I have no idea if I'm going to be impanelled ~ perhaps even more than once ~ I'm having a hard time scheduling my Vegas trip.

I know, I know, I could come up with all sorts of devious ways to get out of jury duty. Previously, as a self-employed person, I generally claimed hardship and was dismissed. But now, although it would be a massive inconvenience, it wouldn't really be a hardship (unless the trial ran on and on). I feel as if I ought to be willing to perform my civic duty cheerfully, since my current occupation contributes exactly nothing to the greater social good.

Meanwhile, it's winter and gloomy and nasty outside, which is reducing my desire to get out and walk to nil. As a result, my festive-food-to-exercise ratio has gotten completely out of whack.

Also, after twenty-five years of computing, I finally spilled a mug of coffee into my desktop's keyboard. Now the question is: get a new keyboard or a new desktop system? I was hoping for an iMac revision out of today's Macworld keynote, but it looks like no such thing is in the offing.

All in all, seems like a perfect constellation of reasons to sit here and whine. But no! I shall gird my loins and get on with things! I am Cardgrrl, hear me moan roar!



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